can get the offer for the free physical standard card without 6 euros for sending

my mistake is the following.
I m just a new client. I have seen an offer for having free physical standard credit card (free of charge for sending).
When i click on the offer, it just opens the app on my phone.
I have no virtual card.
i just try to order the standard physical credit card. It says it is 6 euros for the sending.

Please advise.


Where did you see this offer ?

That offer expired a while ago.

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this is on a french site
it says up to the 19th April.

I’d contact support to verify if that offer is actually valid.

Did you register using the link on the article?

As alessandro says, try to contact support through the in app chat or you can comment on the article. It seems that someone who works for Revolut (Maxime Bensadoun) is responding.

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thanks. I 'll do that

Hey there! An agent has responded and resolved your query via chat. :slight_smile:

And yes, this is a valid offer.

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