Can anyone help with "re-hiring" a Terminated employment?


I made a mistake yesterday on my Revolut Business account, I am paying myself a salary(from my contracting invoices), and was meant to edit the monthly payment amounts, but instead “Terminated Employment”, I am not able to re-instate this and have tried to re-add myself, but Revolut says my “Tax and NI” details are already used on my Revolut account.

I am worried I won’t be able to pay myself a salary now because I am not able to re-add my “terminated employment”.

Hope anyone here or from Revolut can help please.

Would be greatly appreciated.


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Did you contact support for this?

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Hello @HaychA :wave: ,

Welcome to our Community. To further look into this matter, we would appreciate it if you could get in touch with us via in-app chat for additional assistance. :hugs:

SG | Community Team