Can ANYONE help me?


So the last time I went on holiday was two years ago so haven’t needed my Revolut card until now. Since then I have a new bank card to the one used for Revolut. I cannot remember my passcode and don’t know the last 4 digits of the debit card I used to top up? Please can someone help! X


Hey there @soro1995 :slight_smile:

Did you get in touch with the in-app support chat? :hushed:
You can reach it by trying to login with your phone number, then clicking Forgot? when you’re asked for your PIN and then clicking Support. :wink:

If that doesn’t help, you might want to reach :r: on Twitter:
:bird: :grinning:


Yeah I tried but they didn’t understand my question. Ok thank you!!


Hi @soro1995,

Could you please drop me a DM so I can help :slight_smile:


Andreas K.