can a French emancipated minor create a revolute account?


because in france an emancipated minor have the same right of an adult


If you’re not of legal age to sign contracts then the answer is no.


If he is emancipated, then he can legally sign contracts.


But Revolut is from the UK, French laws wouldn’t apply.


Yes, but when a minor is emancipated in France, he is logically in all other places.
Because at this moment it means that he no longer have parental authority…

I’m exactly in the same situation as Hugues13 ^^’


By what logic?

As yongeneglinton wrote if he is not an adult by British law he is not an adult regardless of what another country’s law might say.


Well we are inside the European union.


It’s not a “classic” law of the country that says that everybody is able to contract, being emancipated is a procedure to “leave” the parental authority, definetly.

So, if I’m in the UK, if I have a problem with the justice, I will be the unique responsible I think, because I’m no longer submissed to the parental authority.

By the way, what says Henri is really interesting, I think that because we are in the EU, it’s even more logical…

Are the Revolut staff on the forum you think ?


The EU has nothing to do with that.

Please cite a legal source where it states that the case at hand would be honoured in the UK, respectively by any EU member for that matter.


It’s on the eu website under parental responsibility.


Please link that “site”.

#12 On a phone so you have to find the legal text on your own.

#13 is the right url


Just post the link you mentioned earlier. does not even resolve :wink:


See at my reply. Also you are capable of using Google. Instead of me proving it, you could instead disprove my statement with facts. Just saying “nah”. That’s not an argument :wink:


Well, if you make a claim you should be able to back it up, shouldnt you?

So far, we had a wrong website, a non-existing category, and no source for your statement at all …


Why no one from support is here ?


CE n° 2201/2003 Rule


Thanks, checking it out.

#20 works fine. See the edit I did. Search for parental responsibility. My understanding is that it is carried over. Your understanding might be different, but unless you are a law student then I’ll belive what the European union site says.