Can a child have two debit cards?

I wonder if a child can have two debit cards. If it’s possible, what are the fees and how to proceed?
I understand that an adult can have up to five <18 accounts, but can two of these five accounts be linked to the same child?

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Hello @yulia5 :wave: ,

Welcome to our Community. We see that you have some questions about the Revolut<18 account. We’re here to assist you with that.

Yes, each child can have up to two active physical cards, which are pre-paid. Only physical cards are available for Revolut<18. After a child’s account is created, the parent can order a card:

  1. Account Switcher by tapping here and selecting the <18 Account option
  2. Tap the + Add card button
  3. Choose Physical card and card type
  4. Create your PIN code
  5. Provide your address and submit the order

If the card wasn’t already customized by the child in the Revolut <18 app, the parent can personalize it. They can then let the child take over the device to design the card. The delivery fee varies based on your subscription, and you can view it in the app when checking out.

You can create multiple Revolut <18 accounts based on your subscription. Just a heads up, each child can only have one account, no duplicates allowed. Hope this helps!

SG | Community Team