Calling All The Music Lovers! 🎸

Hey there, amazing Revolut community :wave: ,

We all know that feeling when you stumble upon a hidden musical gem or get hooked on a fresh genre that instantly becomes the soundtrack to your life. :musical_score:

I don’t know about you, but my playlist has been in dire need of a makeover lately. It’s been stuck in a time warp with the same old songs on repeat, and my earbuds are yearning for something fresh and exciting. That’s where you come in! :headphones: :man_dancing:

I challenge you to unleash your inner DJ and introduce us to the amazing songs, music, or genres you’ve discovered recently. Whether it’s an underground indie band from your neighbourhood or a funky genre that makes you dance like no one’s watching, we want to hear it all! :hear_no_evil:

To make things even more exciting, let’s add a dash of humour to this music marathon. We’re looking for the funniest and quirkiest way you can describe your newfound favourite track or genre. Think puns, hilarious anecdotes, or even some epic dance moves that define your musical experience. :musical_note:

P.S. Don’t forget to grab some popcorn and share your funniest anecdotes about how these songs or genres have brightened your day. Laughter is contagious, and we want the Revolut community to catch it! :popcorn::rofl:

SG | Community Team