Calling all adventurous Revoluters! 🏖️

Let’s take a break from numbers and transactions and indulge in some dreamy wanderlust talk! :thought_balloon::airplane:

We want to know, what’s your ultimate dream destination? :earth_africa: Is it the sandy beaches of Bora Bora, the bustling streets of Tokyo, or perhaps the enchanting landscapes of Iceland? :mountain_snow:

We’re dying to hear about your travel bucket lists! :memo: Share with us the top spots you’re itching to explore, the cultural experiences you’re craving, and the mouth-watering cuisines you’re drooling over. :ramen::tropical_drink:

But here’s the twist: We want you to tell us your dream destination in the quirkiest, funniest way possible! :palm_tree: Think unconventional travel destinations, hilarious mishaps, or even the most peculiar food you’d love to try. Let your imagination run wild! :unicorn::taco:

So, fellow Revoluters, drop your dream destinations and travel bucket list items in the comments below!

P.S. If anyone says they want to travel to the moon or find the hidden city of Atlantis, we’ll consider it a bonus! :wink::rocket::ocean:

Veda | Community team


Strap on your sushi-proof armor because my ultimate dream destination is… drum roll… Tokyo! But not just any Tokyo. I’m talking about an alternate reality Tokyo where Godzilla is the mayor, vending machines dispense ninja skills, and the local commute involves riding on giant Tamagotchis.

P.S. I’ve heard rumors of a secret portal there that might just take us to Atlantis! :wink::ocean::classical_building::dolphin::squid::cyclone:


@Covalent5 Well, it sounds like you’re all set for a wild ride in “Godzillatopia”! And if you stumble upon that secret portal to Atlantis, be sure to bring back some waterproof ninja gear! :sushi::man_superhero::dark_sunglasses::ocean:

Veda | Community Team


YouTube is always showing videos about vanlife, sounds like a interesting experience, but after the first gas station I would be bankrupt :cry:

I probably would be mad after a few hours:

“I’m sweaty and want a shower”

“I don’t want to go in a bucket :poop::bucket:

“Look that gas prices”

“What a terrible traffic”



@Eudes Don’t worry, your bank account might just start a new trend: ‘Broke-but-Happy Life!’ :joy::minibus:

Veda | Community Team

At the moment I’m on the “broke-and-lonely life!” :disappointed_relieved:

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@Eudes This is hilarious. I can see myself buying this lakeside house next to yours. :rofl: :rofl:

Veda | Community Team

Hey neighbor let’s have a coffee :coffee: some day :wink:

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