Call centre required


Please have a call centre to resolve the issue in quick turn around.
Avoid long hours waiting.


I disagree. A call centre can have an even longer waiting time than instant messaging. Instant messaging is far more efficient. The solution is to speed up responses on instant messaging, not to operate an expensive call centre.


The only problem that chat is located very close to the black hole and time dilation is very strong there.


True, but the solution is to operate chat on a real-time basis, not to open a call centre. Call centres are very costly, and it would have to be funded, no doubt from charges being introduced or increased.


And don’t forget that chat operators can deal with multiple users/issues at the same time while the user replies, look for documents, tries suggested solutions…


Excellent point. The same goes for the customer. The customer can get on with something else, for example watching television, at the same time as chatting instead of being tied up on a phone call.


Yes, provided revolut support somehow was available on a normal pc with a keyboard. After a few sessions of support typing on the ¤&%/"(#" phone keyboard i was about to throw the phone in the wall and then jump up and down on it.

Not everyone is 22 years old, i can touch type probably 10-15 times faster on a regular keyboard compared to the sh-t excuse for a keyboard the phones have…


This is a fair point. We are still hoping for a web based interface (like N26) which would also solve other problems (e.g. phone stolen).

Another option for the customer service could be that the customer service agent might, at her/his discretion, decide to “WhatsApp call” the user. But that should be up to Revolut!