Calendar integration

Here’s an other one. How about a calendar integration. It would be nice if :r: could export our planned payments to our calendar. Or even for analytics. A calendar view would give a nice overview.

Also, a way to mark planned inbound payments like salaries would be nice too.


Why not, but then wouldn’t it be easier for :r: to provide with an ICS feed, containing the planned payments that we want to be reminded of ? (+ possibility to share the feed with other people)

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I do like the idea of inbound / outbound payments being shown on a calendar, and also an ics feed, but I wonder whether that would cause privacy / security concerns. Particularly if a bad actor was to (somehow) get hold of a user’s ics feed and then use that information in a vishing attempt against them.

We do already have the scheduled payments view, and maybe having these displayed in an in-app calendar view might work?
Similar to how upcoming events are displayed in the Stocks section of the app


That’s actually a very good point. :thinking:

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