Cabify and Uber compatibility


Just leaving some feedback about my bad experience with Revolut last week. I tried adding my card to the Cabify app and it was refused. I found it strange, but since Cabify is not very well known I gave Uber a try. After adding my card to Uber it did make a card authorization but it refused the card.

I contacted the in-app support who told me I had to contact Uber or Cabify. After contacting both I was informed that this had to be dealt with my bank.

I ended up taking Cabify after finding out they had now payment terminals on their vehicles.


Hey Specter. When using your card with Uber you have to have at least one other debit/credit card added.

If the authorization request was accepted by revolut but still refused by Uber it is because Uber does not allow prepaid cards.

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Hello Henrik, thank you for the quick reply. I will add my Portuguese credit card to the account and see if the Revolut card is accepted the next time I ask for a Uber. Cheers!