By default currency display


I’ve been using Revolut app and I’m quite happy with it.
Though there’s something kinda annoying about the UI.

Every time I launch the app, the home page always show the British pound section. Since I’m not from UK and don’t use GBP, it doesn’t make any sense. I have to swipe everytime.

I think whether the app should display the last used currency or let the user set up his favorite currency.

Thanks if you can add this feature.

Congrats still about this app and service :slight_smile:


I have been asking for this same feature for about 6 months now… Everytime they answer with a canned message saying they will let their developers know about it. Of course, nothing happens…


Seems like they did add that feature since the last update today :slight_smile: Check it out. Now by default I do have my euro page not the other currencies :smiley:


nope… I checked. What you are seeing is your open app remaining on the last currency shown. Your app is open, you go from GBP to EUR for example, then you do other things on your phone, maybe check email etc. You go back to your app and yes it is still in EUR because your app is still logged in and in the background. Now try closing your app or logging out, or just waiting a few min for the app to self-logout. Presto, as soon as you open you’ll find yourself back in GBP. Problem not solved. What we need is a simple “choose default base currency” in the profile settings. It takes ten minutes to program this setting in XCODE, a year has passed since I asked and they keep ignoring this. How can you be an international money wallet and don’t let people choose what base currency or wallet they want to see first? Most of the world does not use GBP my friends. That is not agile programming or software development. Go figure!


Weird, I just did by logging out and logging in again and it worked for me. I’m on iOS.


You asked and we listened!

You can now see your base currency and no need to swipe every time.

@andreagv did you update your app to IOS 3.3? It’s now live!


ok, wow, that IS pretty cool. As of this morning’s update, the feature works, I had actually typed the comment before the update showed up in my App Store. Txs Revolut, been wanting this feature for a super LOONG time. Appreciate it!