BVR in Switzerland



BVR (Bulletin de versement) is a very common way to pay in Switzerland. Does Revolut allow this method ? If no, is it in the roadmap with the CH IBAN ?


CH IBAN will automatically make BVR available. You can send to any CH IBAN by filling red BVR with IBAN and address and putting as destination account the post account of the bank in question.


But what about orange BVR if you have to pay a bill?


Why does it matter whether it’s red or orange BVR for top-up? You can fill in either.


I don’t understand your point. The needs is not for topping up (in this thread). I just pointed that you often need to pay with BVR for your electricity, internet… and I don’t know how to do that with Revolut.


Good question. I can’t see how I would enter the bill reference code and some bills I have don’t have an IBAN either