Buying petrol at an automated petrol station


N26 is not a prepaid debit card. :slight_smile:


I understand and I would say that it doesn’t matter. The customer shouldn’t have to worry about technical issues. We pay quite a lot of money to get a credit card that cannot help us on a basic need such as buying gas and that is not acceptable for me.

I’m unhappy because it’s such a shame ! Revolut is a great app, we can see that they do their best to add more and more features every day, we simply shoudn’t get block by such a simple, basic thing !


Revolut is not a credit card. Revolut is PREPAID debit card.
Prepaid cards require online connectivity.
I consider this as an advantage. My classic debit card from high street bank often use offline authorization in strores even if their terminals (POS) has online connectivity. This never happened with Revolut card.


I understand, but it wont change my opinion. I can’t fill up my tank, it’s not acceptable. Periode.

I did get a notification when I tried to use it, and Revolut recognize that I was trying to use the card at a Total station. So I would say that Revolut is deliberately blocking the transaction. But of course I’m not sure…

And, I think the N26 card require an online connectivity as well, as I got stuck with it twice on an old paiement terminal at the entrance of an highway.


For what possible reason?


I was just guessing, since it looks like the refused the transaction. But the why doesn’t really matter, since the finality is that we can’t use the card.


I’m not sure about the reason (let’s guess: security ;-)), but according to faq, it is revolut that is blocking transactions with particular merchants, basing on their category code (MCC).


So use another card - easy👍
If you rely on only one card when travelling you are asking for trouble anyway.


TonyP is right, but anyway it’s really annoying.
Furthermore, and I guess it’s the same problem, I wasn’t able to pay at the “peage” on highway AP-7 in Spain (from France direction Barcelona). In France no problem at all on highway.


I got an answer from Revolut, as I sent an email to their feedback adress. So, their card payement processor doesn’t support a few type of transactions, including the one we are talking about and, it can be useful, foreign exchange bureaus (including Travelex ATMs). They are hopping to be able to fix it as soon as they get the banking license.

So good news !


They certainly have more volume than when they started and could perhaps get a better card payment processor? Might be faster than waiting for a banking licence. :smiley:


Guys we can end the discussion right here.
The ONLY reason why Revolut cards do not work at most petrol stations with online payment terminals is due to Revolut deciding it is high risk. They block these payments, AFTER the terminal decides to accept your card and you will get a refused message. The terminal accepts it, Revolut does not. They can do this based on the MCC of the petrol stations.

If support blaims the petrol station being offline, please correct them.