Buying online

Hi ! Im now on vacation and I want to buy something online. Delivery address is in my home country. When I give my card “infos” and when I need to proceed, I get the message on that online shop: “FRAUD SUSPICION”. It’s probably some protection from “Revolut” side. But I really need to buy that now. Any solution? Thanks!

What shop do you try? Have you founds on account and e-commerce transactions activated on card section of the app?

Rhinoshield shop. I have enough founds and I don’t have any options for e-commerce transactions. Yesterday I buyed game online without any problems.

As the revoCard is prepaid it wont work because scammers use prepaid cards to well… Scam.

I understand that. But I didnt get any messages in app or notifications that someone is trying to use my card. So if they are suspicious, why they dont send me a message ? It’s stupid that you can’t use your card.