Buying online from UK -China in USD

I want to buy something from a company in China, They will only accept $USD.

Could I convert my £ to And pay to that company via bank transfer?

(I’m sure) I can BUT would like Confirmation.

i dont think transfers to China are supported by :r: but i cannot find any official post to support this. try asking support.

Thanks for your input, I’ve just set up a payment to a bank in China in Revolut, I was accepted transferring USD$

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I have a friend who lives in China, and wants a card, Does Revolut issue cards to Chinese residents in China.

No. :r: is currently only supporting legal residents in the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

I would also confirm that transfers to China are supported before you commit a payment.
If it bounces back it could be held in the system for some time.

Are you an employee of Revolut? What do you mean “Transfers to China are supported, Etc”?

I have a link to a friends bank A/c in Indonesia as ‘Revolut’ accepted ALL his details therefore I assume I can transfer USD to his Bank A/c in Indonesia.

No i am not a :r: employee just a community member trying to advise.

You were asking about making payment to China and at one time bank transfers to China were not supported by :r:. It is quite possible that has now changed but i could not find any official posts from :r: to confirm yes or no.
i was advising you to confirm with the support team before comitting money.
If the beneficiary has been accepted then i’m sure all will be ok.

Also be advised that making a SWIFT payment can occur charges by the intermediary banks.

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Thanks Powie, It’s all sorted I’m using Indonesia instead l.