Buying Bitcoins in Exodus with Revolut card not anymore allowed?

Whenever I try to buy Bitcoin in the Exodus app with ApplePay using my Revolut card, I see the same error message:

“Card declined. Your card could not be charged. Contact your card issuer or add a card with sufficient funds to finish your purchase.”

This is super strange because my card has sufficient funds in both USD and in GBP currencies, and it is working perfectly fine when purchasing other stuff with ApplePay in other places. But still can’t proceed with Exodus to buy Bitcoins…

I talked with the Exodus wallet support, which is fantastic and they told me that this was already known by them and investigated the issue with Apple and still don’t know why this is happening…

After doing some research I found on my Revolut transactions records that Revolut rejects the payment to Exodus because: “Declined because incorrect merchant info: Wyre-135196”. When I told Exodus support this, they answered me again that that name was absolutely correct as "Wyre is the 3rd party that Exodus use to fulfill the BTC orders.

Does anyone know why buying BTC in the Exodus app is not currently working? And how to solve it? Thanks in advance!

Did you tell Revolut about this issue? Seems fixable through them.

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“Financial securities brokers and dealers and Foreign exchange bureaus (including TravelEx ATMs) are not supported with Revolut card.” is a response I got from Revolut support when I tried to send funds to Binance.

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