Buy/sell bid/ask exchange rate

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Sorry if this matter have been discussed before, but I didn’t manage to find any info. I would like to know when I’m using the app and it’s showing me the currency exchange rates what are they - buy or sell rates? And where I can check revolut’s buy/sell [bid/ask] currency rates ?

Except for the weekend, there shouldnt be a difference between buy and sell as you should receive the interbank rate for liquid currencies

Ok, but even in the weekends I can see only one rate in the app. And still I find it hard to believe that there is no difference between buy and sell even during the workdays.

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Thats the whole point of Revolut’s currency exchange offer.


I really want to believe that but the converter in the app is telling a different story. Bear in mind that the Bulgarian lev is pegged to the Euro, so fluctuations in the rate are negligible!


Hey. Interbank rate is not the same as mid market rate. You can find more information about interbank rate and how it works here

Hi henrikbjorn. Today the FX market is closed so there are no fluctuations whatsoever. It is obvious that there is different rate for buy/sell - fine and understandable. Looks like I have to use the Converter every time I want to check the Sell rate which is not very convenient. In my opinion both the Buy and Sell should be present in the Rates tab to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.
Yesterday 1951.99/995.82=1.960
Today 1925.94/967.44=1.990 lev for one euro. Subtracting the 1% markup equals to 1.971 lev for one euro, not 1.960.


It’s disappointing to see that Revolut FX rates are not really interbank where spreads of buy/sell rates are so little.
Today’s difference between buy/sell rates for USD-CZK is 2,26%, even if we subtract 0,5% weekend markup it’s still doesn’t reflect “interbank” = forex rate.

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@anon33247966 lately answered quite detailed in another thread. Maybe this is interesting: "Real" exchange rates: Revolut doesn't live up to its promise


I gave up chasing the fantasy of the real interbanking rate. I would be so happy if Revolut stops debiting weekend transactions immediately and just put a hold on it until Monday to end this weekend madness.

I bought hours in the DXB Airport Snooze Cube on a Saturday, too, and got mad afterwards. :grin: for some minutes at least. Could have saved 1.5€ maybe.

Indeed, as this topic pops up even here frequently: nobody reads FAQs or searches the community. Everybody relies on the card to do the magic.

imo the reason is business accounts. business owners don’t tolerate this kind of BS.

if revolut really aims at being a viable alternative for business accounts, and have customers paying £25 or more for 0% forex every month, they need to get their act together.

  • mobile friendly interface for
  • behave like every other card and stop debiting cross currency transactions immediately on weekends
  • be sure the full onboarding doesn’t take longer than 2 weeks.


No, it’s not part of their business model. It provides too much of a revenue stream for them to change this now IMO.

Which is a shame for a company that was ostensibly founded on the lack of transparency and rip-off culture of the legacy banks.