Buy now Pay later


it could be interesting to have the option of Buy now pay later, like klarna and paypal, one payment payable in 4 months with small interest


Latvia only. Interest is not small.

I think the general idea of unbundling laons from revolving credit cards is interesting. That’s what Klarna does – to various degrees in different countries. You’ve got basically a couple of options to make a purchase (with the card, or similar to Paypal). The transaction is then reflected on Klarna’s platform, and then the customer has different options to settle the bill: delayed, in installments, or in full similar to charge cards.

Apple does a mix with their credit card as well. It’s a revolving credit card, but for some promotional purchases like Apple hardware, an interest free installment plan kind of runs parallel to the regular credit card bill.

I am not sure if any of these ideas actually improve the customer experience, but they do feel innovative. Klarna feels like a Swiss pocket knife for shopping.

(YMMV, Klarna’s products vary drastically between different countries.)


Do you know of any BNPL companies compatible with Revolut ? Klarna will not work with Revolut due to issues with the IBAN code.

Thanks Paul

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Paypal, when the Revolut account is connected for direct debit.

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