Buy and sell prices shown at the same time


Its great that we get to see the buy price, and can watch it in realtime, but as there is quite often quite a difference between buy and sell. It would be really useful to see both at the same time.



You kind of can do that with the different view where you can add rate pairs you want to follow. Just add both pairs to the list. USD --> EUR and EUR --> USD for example.


True, but having the two arrows to reverse the pairing would be a nice touch @AndreasK would you mind passing that on ?


Isn’t it how it works? When I tap the little round arrows button, GBP --> EUR becomes EUR --> GBP. (I am on iOS.)


Only in the Exchange view, under Rates there is no ui to reverse a Currency Pair :slight_smile:



I appreciate your point, but in the ‘rates and conversations page’, the source currency is always 1 off. So if I wanted to exchange an amount of one currency to another I need a calculator, particularly for crypto currencies, made worse as they tend to be moving about a lot in realtime.

For example; if I have 0.02345 BTC and want to know how many EUR’s I’d get.

My suggestion for adding both buy and sell to the exchange page was;

a) You’re interested in a specific currency pair
b) There’s probably enough space to add them both, without causing confusion.

Currently I figure out the amounts by flipping source/destination currencies using the icon with up/down arrows. But it can be confusing if you don’t keep an eye on where the minus is, and can also take a while to get the currencies calm down.