Button top-up annual limit increase disappeared


Hi, in the new version of the application disappeared the button of the top-up limit increase.

It’s a bug?


Mine is still there.
Pixel Phone and 5.0.0.


I’ve checked on more and different phones but never one has.

Bruno Piras


Have you increased your annual limit last time?


Are going that way? More --> Profile --> Top Up Limit? <_<


this really deserves more visibility to avoid revolut nightmares to new users


I’ve top-up and the button disappeared but revolut increase my limit.

Few days after, my brother told me that there’s no button to increase limit!

We’ve checked more and more phones but that’s.

Now there’s no button (checked iOS and Android Oreo).

I’m thinking it’s a bug…

Anyone confirm?

Bruno Piras


just use the chat. they will put you on the right queue


Ok, this is a solution but the user that need increase yourself the limit he’s disoriented without that button (in my opinion).

Thanks to all for the help!

Bruno Piras


totally agree. the top-up limit should have a prime location in the app and actively recommend users to go through the verification process to avoid surprises