Business SRL bank transfers


I’m looking into opening a business account and link my local bank account IBANs (EUR and RON) to Revolut. My business is a limited liability company (SRL) from Romania.

I have a few questions before doing this:

Can I generate invoices from Revolut?

  • I have customers who pay in USD. If they make a payment to my EUR account, I get charged fees for exchange and transfer. That’s ok, but does Revolut offers invoices for these fees? Very important as I need these for accounting.
  • After I receive the money in Revolut EUR IBAN, what are the fees to transfer to my local bank EUR IBAN?
  • What are the costs of having a company account with Revolut? I’m not interested in cards at all.


Hi @AscendDevelopment

There is no option to generate invoices, for now, and we do not provide them. However, you can generate statements designed for accounting tools.
Transfers within Europe in EUR currency are free of charge.
Please, find information regarding the pricing plans we offer here.