Business registration


I’m trying to register as business. The confirmation of email is passed successfully. But when I get confirmation code for phone number I get Error ID: 026a3e73-83c5-497e-b85c-8491b346a1e1. I’ve made few attempts without success.

Please, advise.


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hi @Serhii

Please, get in touch with our business dedicated support on the website and they will gladly help you with this error :innocent:

It looks like there is no support. No answers in chat. Seems to me I need to register first to get support but it’s impossible to register without support … deadlock.

@Serhii I can confirm that there is no need to be registered in order to contact our support. Our support is available Monday to Friday 7am - 10pm, Saturday to Sunday 10am - 6pm UK time. Could you please clean the cookies of your browser and try to drop us a message once again?

I’ve deleted all cookies in Firefox and tried to register from Chrome (which didn’t have any Revolut’s cookies). The result is the same. I also sent request to the support chat. No reply during 25 minutes. Please, advise.

Can you please try to register once again now?

Here is the answer…


Are you using a phone number of an EEA country?

@Serhii please, note that you cannot use the landline number as you will need to receive SMS codes. So this can only be a cell phone number.

It’s UK number, verification code was successfully received by voice.

But is it a landline number? @Serhii