Business name on statements

I’ve just downloaded my June statement and noticed it has my name on it but not the name of my business, nor does it say anywhere on the statement that this statement is from my business account. Would it be possible to have my business name on my statements?

How I do it, and I get my business name as title on top.

  • accounts
  • pick currency
  • transactions
  • change “since the beginning” to “june.”
  • click “get statement”
  • check “only completed transactions.”
  • click “open as HTML”
  • enjoy the sight of the name of your beloved company on top, just below revolut’s logo.
  • click print icon on the right
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Hi @alejandro.mery

Thanks for your reply.

I have done as you suggested (also previously did this) and my statement only has my name not my company name.

The attachment got lost; please add it using the web interface.

@olga_revolut, if he gets his personal name instead of his business’ on the statements, it seems like his account is misconfigured.

You’ll have to talk with the business support guys privately (chat) to get it changed. As I understand it Revolut believes you are your business, sole trader maybe?

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Hi @alejandro.mery it turns out that freelance accounts do not have the business name on statements as you are seen to be using your own name (even if “…trading as…”)

Great to know. I always thought freelancer accounts were just a generous £18 discount without any other practical difference to the start plan.

I suppose this also affects the name of the account holder.

I handle under my business name. Companies only know my business name, not my personal name. With my freelancer account at Revolut the counterparty sees my personal name when a pay money to them.

Revolut, can you change the system so I can use my business name as my account name instead of my personal name?


I would bet they will want you to upgrade to the £25 plan. you will have to contact them via in-app chat.

for the records the “unique multicurrency iban” over REVOGB2L isn’t working. BARCUS33 and BARCGB22 refuse to act as Revolut’s intermediary at the moment and I’ve been two weeks already waiting for an alternative and they asked me to ask my customers to pay my bills to the polled account at Lloyds directly… which is obviously not possible for businesses.