Business Application Rejection


Hi, We tried to open a Revolut Business account for a Romanian company in real estate area having as shareholders two individuals. That company it’s part to a holding in real estate industry with ongoing projects in local and South Eastern of Europe. We want to issue company cards for all our directors considering that they are travelling a lot of time in the country and abroad for monitoring the projects.
After passing the initial steps of creating the application, entering the name of Directors / UBO and upload their passport/ID’s, entering a local trade registration number for the company and upload also a local bank statement we received a message from support center (automatic or not?) that our application failed due to the fact that: “…as a new company we are very restricted by our banking parter, please refer to”.
There is a specific reason for that rejection? Revolut Business Account it’s opened only for UK based companies/ with UK residents shareholders for the moment? We would like to know which was the real reason for that rejection and trying to solve it with additional documents/information.
Unfortunately, there isn’t any possibility to contact by phone a support center to discuss our application? We find only one phone number on the web page for contact and that it’s reserved only for cancelling the stolen / lost Revolut cards (automatic phone machine).
Thanks for the answer.


Hi @ConstantinP

I am sorry to hear that your application was rejected.
Could you please get in touch with our business dedicated support team on the website? You can do that by going to our website, pressing the chat button on the right bottom corner and dropping us a message. Alternatively, you can reach our support here - I hope this will help.