Business Application Rejection

Hi, We tried to open a Revolut Business account for a Romanian company in real estate area having as shareholders two individuals. That company it’s part to a holding in real estate industry with ongoing projects in local and South Eastern of Europe. We want to issue company cards for all our directors considering that they are travelling a lot of time in the country and abroad for monitoring the projects.
After passing the initial steps of creating the application, entering the name of Directors / UBO and upload their passport/ID’s, entering a local trade registration number for the company and upload also a local bank statement we received a message from support center (automatic or not?) that our application failed due to the fact that: “…as a new company we are very restricted by our banking parter, please refer to”.
There is a specific reason for that rejection? Revolut Business Account it’s opened only for UK based companies/ with UK residents shareholders for the moment? We would like to know which was the real reason for that rejection and trying to solve it with additional documents/information.
Unfortunately, there isn’t any possibility to contact by phone a support center to discuss our application? We find only one phone number on the web page for contact and that it’s reserved only for cancelling the stolen / lost Revolut cards (automatic phone machine).
Thanks for the answer.

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Hi @ConstantinP

I am sorry to hear that your application was rejected.
Could you please get in touch with our business dedicated support team on the website? You can do that by going to our website, pressing the chat button on the right bottom corner and dropping us a message. Alternatively, you can reach our support here - I hope this will help.


Hello Constantin, I encountered the same problem.

Did you managed to create a business account after-all ?

Hello Oleksii,

I have a personal account since 2018. Yesterday I tried to make a Business Account for my new company registered in Romania. I’ve uploaded everything Revolut has requested me: registration document and so on. And my registration got declined for no actual reasons.

Why no explanation? Why I can’t reapply? What is this behaviour?

I’ve tried to contact also the business team via and I’ve received.

Dear Catalin Anghel,

Thank you so much for contacting us - I’m so sorry to hear about the inconvenience caused here!

Unfortunately, due to security reasons, I won’t be able to provide details regarding any Revolut account here via email, I’m afraid. When contacted via chat, we can make sure that the person contacting us is indeed an applicant or a user of the account she/he is referring too - and so, I can confirm that this is the best way to reach out to us.

As per the account, I’m truly sorry that such a decision was made - but please bear in mind that there are some internal processes that we must fallow as well. These can’t be fully disclosed to our users, I’m afraid, but I can assure you that the relevant team is following specific and detailed steps while reviewing the applications. In case any details could have been shared here, our Support agent would inform you of it right away.

Once again, please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused and thank you so much for your understanding, it is truly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Business Customer Support Specialist

Well all I can say I have just seen similar issues twice over the past few months for no apparent reason. One was an IT services company, the other an energy trading one. Both Swiss LTD, more than 10 years in existance, excellent D&B credit & reputation and setup only for “day to day” payments. Both rejected with no explanation (ok, boilarplate nonsensical generic message) and no follow up possibilty.
My take is that Revolut doesn’t really want / need business accounts at the moment

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I had my business application rejected for no reason even though I have a legitimate UK business developing energy storage devices. I have tried two other banks and they created a business account for me so why did you reject it. I have been with revolut since day one and have introduced over 50k people to revolut at least. I find it ridiculous and unprofessional. Could not be more disappointed. You get your team to contact me I am tired of this. If you want to contact me you know where to find me.

Same here. I have revolut personal since 3 years and wanted to open revolut business for my swiss limited liabilities company which exists since 10 years (Rental of event equipment like PA systems, video projectors etc). After going through all the application process, we quite quickly received an answer that they are unable to provide us with service. No reason whatsoever. I used the chat function to find out why, maybe I’ve done something wrong in the application, supplied the wrong documents or so, but they do not want to tell you the reason. This is extremely frustrating! I asked if it is possible, in principle, to open an account for a LLC in switzerland, and the answer was “yes, if the shares are registered”. That makes very little sense to me, as a LLC has no shares, only “Stammkapital” which is clearly visible assigned to the owners in the excerpt from the commercial register I sent. So I still have no idea why they rejected my company.

Had a friend who had similar issue too. Did you solve it at the end?

It seems to be an extremely common problem. I wish Revolut would acknowledge the process of verification seems simply flawed! I too have a bonifide UK based Ltd Company which I have owned for over 8yrs and want to move from Lloyds - because they are awful! I have expended at least 6 - solid - hours trying to complete the application workflow and verification - I have a shareholder too, who followed the email received to the letter and still it seems there is a problem!! IS IT POSSIBLE?!?!

One positive, last week I had a Rev Business Account Manager phone to ask if I was having problems. At the time, I was ok and was locating a specific document held by accountant. I received the document afterwards and have been led a merry dance! (I don’t know how many times I have uploaded various formats of my passport!!

Please respond Revolut… I have a personal account which I think is excellent - please don’t spoilt it!


@Mariana_Rodrigues is there a Team Revolut Business contact who might be able to respond to queries in this regard due to its specialist nature who can be tagged and be able to respond following the line of your topic Deliver WOW: Connecting you with our specialised support teams

Hi there @Graham_Lees :wave:

We have specialised teams to help you out with your account in any matter. When it comes to Revolut Business, if you do not have an account, I would advise you to reach out here Meet with the Revolut Sales Team. The team will do their best to help you with any Business related query.

Hope this helps!

Mariana I Revolut Team

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Thanks @Mariana_Rodrigues that is a very useful link and have saved it to pass on to other members who may have an issue such as @Johnnybb2000 has.
Hopefully, he can benefit from it.
As a matter of interest, do you propose a similar form for other than Business?

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Hi @Graham_Lees !

Sorry for only seeing this now :woman_facepalming:

We do not have any other form for retail accounts. However, in order to contact us, you can always check this page here :ok_hand: And of course, our Community is always here to help!

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Hi Mariana, Graham referred me to your post. I was wondering if you could help me. My account user name is . All day today I have tried to log-in to my account and Revolut does not send me any confirmation email for login. I downloaded the Revolut Business app on my phone, and also tried to login but it says “check inbox for email” but no email is received. This is extremely puzzling - and it never happened to me before and furthermore it is distressing as I really don’t know what is going on and have no way to check the issue. Please could you help me to fix this issue. Thank you so much in advance.

To confirm, my log-in/ contact email is:
Many thanks

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Hi @Erica123 :wave:

Sorry to hear about the issues you are facing.

Once on the Revolut Business website, please click on Forgot Passcode and follow the flow until you reach chat with one of the Business Team agents :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope this helps!

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My Revolut Business appliance was rejected and I’m not able to contact the support as when I’m trying to login either on app or website I receive message that my account can’t be opened right now and then I’m automatically logged out

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Hi @radeon000 :wave: ,

Welcome to our :r: community :heart_hands:

Sorry to hear that your business application got rejected.:frowning_face: Kindly reach out to our team by using this form. Hope this works. :pray:

SG | Community Team

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Is there anyone in here from business Revolut team that knows internal application procedures?

It seems a lot of people having the same issue of trying to open a business account but are being denied and rejected within minutes of applying, even after following the guidelines.

Hi @Rassel :wave: ,

Welcome to our :r: community. :heart:

Sorry to hear that your business application got rejected.:frowning_face: Kindly check my message above your query and follow the same to know further about this.

Hope this helps. :pray:

SG | Community Team