Business application declined.

Okay so when I was first heard about Revolut I couldn’t have been more excited to try it out, I’m a full time cryptocurrency trader and heard about Revolut through a crypto subreddit. I currently use 3rd party transfer services which cost me quite a lot in comparison, and nor do they give me IBAN to hold and access currencies. So yeah, Revolut was perfect, fees are way cheaper and I can hold and access the currencies on a debit card with a smooth working app.

Now the problem comes with the top up limit. I trade on multiple exchanges in a few different currencies, this requires me to have to send a lot of capital around often. I spoke with support who informed me that the top up limit is based on my wealth and that I should open a business account for my needs which is then limited on the number of transactions. Today live support informed me that my application was declined due to certain aspects of my application don’t conform to Revolut’s policies. Very confused seeing how Revolut have recently dived into the crypto space recently.

Has anyone else faced similar problems ?

Now I have a personal account with a yearly top up limit which is only suitable for a week, please help me.


In the Business FAQ, you can read:

Unfortunately, Revolut for Business is not currently available to:
Private individuals
Furthermore, Revolut does not do business with companies involved in:
Financial services, investment, money remittance, lending, factoring, money service businesses (MSB)

I can see why they denied your application.

Same happened to me. Despite having a fully registered UK company they just denied us. No explanation why. It seems they wanted an invoice we have sent for every type of service we have ever sold. I still don’t really understand what they are looking for… I guess back to TransferWise we go…

Same problem and they banned my community account for evening daring to ask questions about. Total slime ball company.

Their cryptocurrency trading is also fake, you cannot deposit nor withdraw. No proof they even hold it, no blockchain verification or anything. MT Gox v2.0


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Me too, just got that issue now, followed support page indications, all good in terms of business nature, type and country, so as suggested on their support page, i contacted chat, for more details to understand, and maybe fix.
They are just saying, i do not have details, you are banned, that’s it, very strange…
Did you guys managed to sort things out?


i have a company in UK and my working in E-Commerce and Revolut declined my application i don’t know why his don’t give me any details i don’t know how its working and if my activity it’s illegal !!!

i don’t understand

i am sorry for this mistake but i didn’t find button where a can create new post
sorry again

I’ve been with Revolut since the inception holding a personal account since 2017. I was excited to open a business account for my e-residency company, but got rejected. That’s unfair to treat your loyal clients in this way. Especially if my company lies within your requirements. Very disappointed!

Unfortunately it happened to me as well. It was unexpected since I have a small company providing software services. I got rejected without any reason.

Did somebody managed to register a business account after rejection ?