Business App and Login Authenticator

Are we to be expecting a Revolut business app and is this in the process of being developed? If so is there an ETA?

Also is there any way to have an alternative authenticator as opposed to logging into email every time to receive the code?

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I understand their motivation behind enforcing two-factor authentication, but it would be amazing if it could “[x] don’t ask again on this computer” and then only be required when adding new counterparties.

I got so tired of the code by email that I ended up setting up a workspace on slack only to get notified when something happened instead of having to login to look.

also, instead of making another app I believe itself should be turned mobile friendly “progressive web app” with notifications etc

Hello people,

Thank you for raising it. Authentication is set out to protect your account from unauthorised use. Two factor check may seems like a not necessary work but believe me, it is always better to be on the safe side.

there is always a trade-off between security and usability. a simple example is not asking for extended security on trusted computers while doing read-only actions.

Hi Rafael,

Thanks for getting back. Maybe a popup asking “Are you still here?” would benefit users more than logging them out autonomously.

Regarding the business app, does this have an ETA? Or when the mobile-responsive version of the business portal will be ready? It’s quite a big issue having to work around the fact there’s not at least a mobile version of the business site.

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it seems the sessions are a lot longer now. I’ve visited several times only authenticating once

I’ve seen that one, but it gives up quickly

they used to actively prevent you from using from mobile devices. at least now you can use the portal on chrome from android if you enable “desktop site :ballot_box_with_check:

looking forward for a proper responsive web app. freeagent and slack integrations have helped a lot though

Hi Rafel,

Just checking to see what is the status with a mobile friendly version of the business portal and the business app?

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