Business account waiting list


Hey guys,

can someone tell us what is the average waiting time to activate a business account? We registered last week, got on # 763 on the waiting list. Today, still on the same position.

I am wondering how many applications are processed per day, to have an estimate of the waiting time untill we get set up.

Any advises are much appreciated.

Thank you
Sebastian | IN Romania


today is a public (bank) holiday in the UK so they aren’t processing applications


Hi @inutrition, have you got your business account yet?
I just signed up and I’m also interested to get an estimate of how long it will take.



Hi @Phileas !

Thank you for signing up! We are aiming to review new applications within couple of business days. Someone from onboarding team should be getting in touch with your shortly!



@Phileas , hey mate. Our account was activated in couple of business days (approx. 10) but not fully, in terms of unique IBANS. If you request unique IBAN’s after you are all set up by the onboarding team, you will need to fill out further paperwork in order to be reviewed by Saxo (Saxo bank is their partner). We need to apply for unique ibans as our main currency is RON.

If your main currency is EUR or GBP then you are all set after the onboarding team activates your account.

Please keep in mind that you can only top-up your business revolut account by bank transfer.

Hope this helps.


That’s great news! I was worried when I read posts about people waiting for four months… thanks for your answer :slight_smile:


my standard onboarding took 2 weeks and the advanced around 6