Business Account Blocked for 6 days now!


Revolut have blocked my Business Account for 6 days now without offering any meaningful explanation, and no support whatsoever.

They have ignored all my messages on LinkedIn, Twitter, in-app chat, and even my response to their emails have not been replied to for days now. I continue to question what I have done wrong, and all they keep telling me is that my account was flagged up by the system, and is under review.

The only information I have had from them is them asking me to explain why I am operating a freelance account when I have a registered business, and to explain the relationship between my business and some selected transactions on my account, and I have provided both information, and three days after, still no response.

as a businessman, I reserve the right to register as many businesses as I want for different business purposes, as my business is involved in a multiple things, and the business I registered, which they are referring to, is not even trading, so, I do not know why that was a problem in the first place.

All I could remember was that after transferring about $12000 to a business partner in Liberia, using their platform, a transfer which they never completed, but was returned to my account, my ordeal started, and since then, I have been treated like a common criminal, and the support guys are not even talking to me.

My family and I are suffering, and I have appealed to anyone and everyone, using every medium I know, yet to no avail. I do not know what I have done, and my account is only 2 months old, so, I do not understand why my account should be under review after two months.

The only crime I have committed is sending money to Liberia, and that is all I can pick out from all these. I am still appealing to anyone with conscience at Revolut to consider my wife and three children, who are bearing the brunt of this, as I do not have the luxury of salary every month, it is my business that provides for the family, so, they should allow me access to my account, and give me my funds, and they can close the account if they want, but this is mentally torturing me, as my business is on the brink of collapse because a lot depends on those funds.

I hope someone with family and conscience at Revolut reads this, and does the right thing.


Hi @Modesty

I can see that our relevant team already updated you regarding the matter via email. If you would like to follow up on this, please reply to the email of our relevant team. Thank you :pray: