Business Account Application Process Failure


During the application process taking place at my laptop and after inputing the company name, I was presented with three directors and requested to supply all compulsory details in each of them.
Problem 1. Not all three persons are directors, only one of them is, another being resigned, the third being the secretary.
Problem 2. When pressing “Next” after completing data input for the only director, nothing happens
Problem 3. In each director’s container there is a “Delete” link which when clicked is inactive, therefore I cannot change the number of directors from 3 to 1.
Problem 4. The chatting facility provided, shows error in same page, therefore I cannot make any use of it.
Problem 5. Since there was not much I could do or expect from the particular web application, I turned to my personal account mobile app chat, where I described the problem I was facing once more and stood lucky because some live assistant requested a screenshot which I did send at, but the only sensible reply since then was the suggestion to supply details to the other directors’ pages and try again! (which was my initial problem to start with, as wrong director names appear in the application).
I conclude that Revolut is not ready to supply business accounts yet and the application beta application needs extra care when collecting company details via the respective web services employed.
If there is any chance of overcoming this problem you are most welcome to comment to comment or advice as to how to proceed from here…
Thanks in advance, Gregory Dracopoulos (Greece)


Dear Gregory,
I suppose that are not ready yet to support business account but this is only my thinking about. I will follow your question…

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis