BUNQ is upsetting its customers, what Revolut needs to do to win them over

BUNQ used to have a product called BUNQ FREE, there was no paid subscription. When BUNQ introduced PREMIUM, it contained all features of FREE, but it was also the most expensive subscription ever seen in the Netherlands.

BUNQ has been quite bad at communicating. Some FREE users got a message their FREE subscription would terminate when their Maestro card end date was reached. Some received a message that they would be PREMIUM users at that end date.

Eventually BUNQ offended them in an even worse way: the end of FREE for its most faitful supporters by communicating a “no-strings-attached” upgrade to Premium for free for 3 months. In reality, after these months they would automatically have to pay €8/month.

Note that most of these people want to pay Bunq a fee. They simply don’t use 70% of the Premium features and therefore have been waiting for BUNQ to come up with a “Light” subscription.

Note that these users were people that use BUNQ has their main, default bank for banking. They are now all looking for an alternative.

Why is REVOLUT not an option for them, even though some of them might already use Revolut just for the creditcard? Simple:

  • No iDEAL support. You can’t live a normal live in the Netherlands without having a bank account that supports iDEAL. It’s the SOFORT of Germany but 4x better.
  • No JOINT accounts. People that buy a house together are required to have such an account for their mortgage. But it’s a no-brainer for any couple that lives together.
  • No instant SEPA. Though definitely not required, it would be the +1 to pull thousands of users in.

Add those first two options in a FREE or LIGHT (paid) subscription and REVOLUT would instantly become the default bank for a huge number of Dutchies.


…and for a huge number of Germans.

There is no free lunch… If you want better service it cost money…

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Then add a full EU banking license and €100.000 DGS (Depositogarantiestelsel) guarantee.

Agree, but first Revolut, Would be great to have access to my funds as my account has been locked with no contact from anyone. Revolut need to sort their users out with real customer service instead of this live chat robot repetitiveness.


If revolut had Multiple IBAN numbers like bunq…that will be awesome! :rainbow: :r:

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Clearly you have trouble reading. Try again.
This has nothing to do with wanting a free bank account that has everything. I Would stay with Bunq and pay. Just not 600% more than any other bank. Same goes for the tens of thousands of first-signups.

Seems like Revolut is winning over BUNQ! They added SEPA instant payments and iDEAL as topup method. iDEAL payments are in the making and will be soon rolled out aswell! As soon as Revolut transfer us to its European entity with the 100k € guarantee, it will be my main bank :slight_smile:
Good job Revolut!

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How do you know that? I haven’t seen anything official about upcoming iDeal support or instant sepa.

I believe there was an in app notification that SCT Inst went live.

I was a former client of bunq and cancelled my account because of V3 of their app… Bunq is a fullly licenced bank and Revolut is not. As long as Revolut is not a regulated bank it will not replace bunq for me. I changed to Openbank

Well, at least the latest bankruptcy of Wirecard AG showed that customers of its e-money licensed subsidy Wirecard Card Services UK, which was responsible for Boon in all countries did not loose their money despite a company deficit of approx. 3.8 billion.

(The protection against bankruptcy is actually better in most situations with e-money, since customer funds aren’t part of the bank’s balance sheet and there‘s no cap at 80k GBP.)