"Bump me up in the que" not working


I have been no: 242 on the waiting list for 1 day now. I have invited 2 friends to sign up in order to be “bumped up in the que”, however, this does not seem to have worked. I am travelling abroad in one week. Will I be able to set up an account and have a card delivered within that timeframe?

Hi @sok91,

might be a tough timeframe. If you’re considering to become a premium member afterwards, it might work though.


Thanks @C0ldwater ,

I would consider becoming a premium member once I sign up. I can’t seem to do that at the moment though. The app is basically shut for me until the waiting list clears. The only feature I can use is “invite friends to sign up” (which I got two friends to sign up).

Similar experience for me. The App says if I invite a friend it will bump me 274 places. I have invited a friend who has also signed up but it has not bumped me. Can you please advise as to why this is not working? i.e. you are not doing what you are advertising to be doing.

Hello, i do have the same issue. I cannot bump out from the queue