Off to Bulgaria this year can’t I change my £ to their currency Bulgarian lev in the revolut app?

Hi there. You can’t yet exchange or receive BGN within the app, but you can load card in GBP & spend there with the interbank exchange rate :ok_hand:t2:

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Now on xe.com GBP/BGN = 2.2311
Now on Revolut GBP/BGN = 2.2251

Mark-up by Revolut ca. 0.35%

Which is better than TransferWise (0.90%), to be fair.

thanks will order currency online then as need the cash

Hi, BGN is linked with Euro so the rate between two currencies is frozen for 20 years now. You can buy Euros and then exchange them in every single Exchange or bank in Bulgaria for a rate of 1.95 BGN for 1 EUR. Hope this tip from a Bulgarian expat helps.

When we will have an option to have BGN account? This is so annoying to pay in euros here …
Please tell us ? When we will have it? Is it in the list ?