Bulgaria - just to make sure ...

I’m Polish and I’m travelling to Bulgaria.
My primary acoount is (I guess) PLN but I have also EUR account. Both contain some money. My question is which account is better to use in Bulgaria since BGN is not listed among accounts - for POS payments and ATM withdrawals - PLN or EUR (BGN has fixed EUR rate)? I know I should avoid DCC scam and always pay in local currency but which rate is better (cheaper) - PLN to BGN (done by Revolut) or EUR to BGN done by Mastercard?

It was discussed many many times.
I suggest you read the FAQ.


Thanks. I did read FAQ but just wanted to make sure since BGN is not yet supported.

I reckon EUR might be better due to the fixed rate.
(You can check the rate by opening the conversion in Revolut and check the offered rate on BGN-PLN.)

That said: Deactivate the PLN account before you travel, so that the EUR account is taken “automagically”. :slight_smile: The account with the highest amount of funds is automatically chosen.
(No worries, you can easily activate the PLN account later again, with all your funds remaining in that account.)

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Your card will auto-convert your balance to the currency you’re spending in at the best available rate, so you don’t have to pre-purchase currencies. The card selects which currency to use in the following order:

-The local currency of the merchant/ATM (e.g. if you are in Spain, we will deduct funds from your Euro balance)
-Your base currency, which is determined by your home address
-The currency with the highest balance

Sometimes when you use an ATM, you will be asked to choose between a ‘credit’, ‘checking’ or ‘savings’ account. You should always choose either a ‘checking’ or ‘savings’ account.

If the ATM (or card terminal) asks whether you would like to complete the transaction ‘with conversion’ or ‘without conversion’, you should always choose ‘without conversion’.

As a rule of thumb, you should always opt to be charged in the local currency of the country you’re in! If you’re in Thailand choose Thai Baht, in Spain, Euros or in the United States, Dollars.

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Im in Sofia now and there is no choise “with conversion or without” in atm, only local currency.


Good for you! Unfortunately it can depend on ATM provider.

I came today and used OTP in the airport and Unicredit in the city center.

Just to add here one note, as I was checking other threads I found that during the weekend there should not be any 0,5% fee for exchange from EUR to BGN since the fixed rate. However I exchanged on purpose PLN to EUR and used EUR account and the rate EUR/BGN was 1,9246 rather than EUR/BGN 1,95. Any idea to achieve 1,95?

Official fixed rate BGN-EUR is 1,95583 but Bulgarian banks (like everywhere else) are entitled to make some slight diversions from the official rate (ex. Unicredit Bulbank buys at 1,94) so I’m afraid you’ll never achieve official fixed rate.

Fixed rate does’nt exist :slight_smile:

Well, it does. It is called a “pegged currency”. That what BGN is. It is pegged to EUR at a fixed exchange rate which hasn’t changed for 20 years.

Once again, fixed rate doesn’t exist in an open market as the one we live in :slight_smile: