Bug with exchange rate graphics



Since last update (I have now 5.7 Android), there is a big bug with exchange rates on the graphics when I select 1 week, 1 month, 3 months. And it bugs differently regarding the currency (see print screens)…
Thanks in advance to fix this please :wink:

Crypto graph

After update (but still 5.7), problem is even worst, no data at all…


Same with me. Some graphs work others don’t.


I agree this is annoying. Graph doesn’t display any day rate since middle of June


Same here on iOS.

What I noticed is that the graphs are not consistent, i…e if the max exchange rate in 1 week is X then the Max exchange Rate in 1 Month can be Y, but Y should be greater than X. This is not the case sometime. Same with other graphs.

1 Month: Max 1.1437
1 Month: Max 1.1442

In other cases they are empty.


It’s been like this for months despite many users reporting the issue.


Hi all! Let me apologise for any inconvenience caused. This is a complex issue, however, the tech team is working on a fix as we speak!

We will keep you posted once we have more info.


Complicated. Every app & widget I use & every website I visit seems to manage it quite easily.


I agree. It should not be difficult to fix at all.


Updated again but the version number stayed the same & guess what - graphs STILL not working.

Any chance of someone at Revolut explaining why they lied to their customers in their twitter statement 2 updates ago?


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