Bug requiring new ID

Hi, I’m not sure what to do - I have been asked to provide a new ID by revolut several times. Because I am not able to get Revolut to register my phone (not providing the necessary sms) I cannot provide this (it only allows you to do it from Revolut).

I’ve tried a few times to notify through the community site that I cannot access Revolut, but no one is answering. I’m now worried that I’ll be kicked out of Revolut for not having provided the necessary ID and because of this Corona crisis, I’m relying just on the Revolut account for my transactions - can anyone make any suggestion as to how I might be able to get in contact with anyone from Revolut?

Contact them via twitter.

Is twitter the official way to get help if not through the app? I have managed to get help through the community previously. Just I do not have twitter. If there was an email I could send to, or a telephone I could pick up, I would do it. I pay monthly for this service but don’t seem to be able to use it.

I didn’t see an official here for a while.
So in-app works best for me. If you cannot access the app Twitter seems to be the 2nd best solution.

Pigeon service available?

I don’t think so. Is there an email address for help?

Some say they just tried help@…
I never tried it.