[bug] incorrect currency on page load

I am experiencing a very annoying, however, not a very critical issue using Revolut for Business.

Once the landing page is loaded the balance is shown in GBP, navigating away (to “cards” for example) and coming back resets it to EUR (which I would like to see at all times since my current active account is in EUR)


Hello @ncahnged !

Thank you for bringing that up. Main account balance is shown in GBP by default, you can change it to EUR while you are logged in. At the time, it is not possible to permanently switch it to different currency but we are working on it.

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Any updates Rafael? I’ve been waiting for quite a while for this. It still bugs me each time.

This may be relevant here as well:

Hello @ncahnged !

Good news! According to the latest update, permanently setting account balance to desired currency has been implemented. Please try it out if you have not already and let me know what are your thoughts on that