Bug in Vaults "spare change" feature


I think the new Vaults feature is great. Especially the Spare Change feature that rounds up your transaction to the nearest whole number.

However, today I made a transaction for exactly 1€ and was VERY surprised to find that another €1 was paid into my Vault!

Clearly this is some sort of bug in the logic being used to calculate the amount to round up. I don’t know if it only happens if you spend exactly 1 currency unit, or if it happens when you spend any integer number of currency units.

Any chance you can get QA to have a look at this?


That’s a feature :slight_smile:
The Vault rule is, that you are saving with each transaction, so for the round ones, they “round” them up to next round one

It’s certainly not how I expected it to behave! To me the idea was surely to recreate a “piggy bank” where you put any spare change you have.

If I have already spent a whole number of pounds, I don’t have any spare change so it seems odd to round up to the next whole pound (well, euro in my case). Especially since the transaction was only for 1 euro in the first place!

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Hopefully soon there will be an option of a custom setup.