Bug in adding a new card


Hi! I tried to add a new card to top up my account, but after I entered the billing adress and pushed the next button, it says "We"re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try it later."
I tried with 3 cards, but the problem is the same.
Can someone help me?



Hi Martin!
I have the same issue. It started on Saturday (08.26.) when I realized I have to add my new credit card. Typed in everything for the card (the scanning method did not work) and then I think my address was already filled out, hit proceed, then got the same message: “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try it later.”

I waited a few days and tried again, same thing happened. Contacted @revolutapp with it on Twitter, no reply.
Today I wrote to the support inside the Android app, and they asked me to do all these:

  • Sign out and sign in;
  • Reinstall the app;
  • Check if the billing address is the same as the delivery address (it was);
  • Remove all dashes, commas and dots.

Did all, nothing helped. And of course I also sent a video about the whole process to them, hoping they will see where did I go wrong. But it really looks like the support team has no clue what happened.

I think I can safely assume you’re from Hungary (like me), and I bet you use the Android app, so it would be a step ahead from Revolut to take a different look at this.
I also heard from one more Hungarian that he had this issue, and Revolut support couldn’t help him, but he has an iOS device too, and topped up from there with the same (credit card and address) data without a problem.

The best thing is, I travel to a Eurozone country next Wednesday… So please Revolut team, look into this deeper and help us!


I managed to top-up my card today.
Tried it after every app update and failed, today it had no problems.


Hi! Thanks a lot, now it works for me as well :blush: