Budgeting categories

The new update that includes the budget it’s quite good.
But the way to make it really useful it’s to give the option to make a generic budget (like now), or a category budget.
I don’t want to budget with my travels or transport sometimes, but I do want to budget my food.
Since revolut categories all of this already, it would be great to have a budget per category.


This is in the works…

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we are looking at this post mate thanks!

That’s right! We really need new/own categories/tags with possibility to pick up a proper icon.


With the Update to 5.28.1 you will be able to budget by categories (not by own but revoluts categories) @Santiberenguer @Laki


What about our new spending categories, Revolut!
Is there any plan to DONE this feature? WE REALLY WANT IT!

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I just updated to the new version iOS 16.6 today. Though this update is supposed to bring custom budget categories, I don’t see any option to create one. Is anyone able to create a custom category??

Nope. It seems it does not work at the moment

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It seems a bug. the update clearly states “Version 6.16.1 - Welcome to Revolut 6.16. You can now create custom categories for Analytics and move related transactions there for more precise control over your spending.” May be they forget to turn the switch on :wink:

It does work. Access the category of the transaction to change it. The category screen now has a + sign to add your own purpose category. You can see that I’ve already added my own 2 categories: Savings and Clothes. Unfortunately what doesn’t yet work is the ability to set a spending goal for the new category in analytics. I’ve reported this bug to support.

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Yup. You are right. Thanks. I was looking at Analytics tab. :+1:

It works fine. it is definitely a very useful feature :+1:.
I think it needs some getting used to this feature.
It would be good to have the option of modifying the budget categories name including deleting to make it more useful to everyone.

Hi there!
You can set it up the same way you do it for regular categories

Yes. But the setting doesn’t stick. At least in iOS.

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You can now :

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It’s now possible fix a budget in custom category

It is nice to be able to add new budge categories. But there is no way to edit the existing categories. Also, the symbol for each category is very limited. The budgeting tab needs to be more flexible and powerful enough to make it more useful for everyone.

Hi, anyone know why with the latest version of :r: i can see the category budget but i can’t manage them any more…?
Also i’m not able to create a budget for a category anymore…

how can i add transactions to existing categories

Enter into the transaction and select the category you want to associate