Budgeting apps that connect to Revolut

Hello everyone!

Does anyone know good budgeting/analytics apps that connect to Revolut?

Eh… You can check analytics in :r: and set budgets for categories and cards. What’s your idea? Why would you allow a third party to connect to your :r:?

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Why not. Open banking should work both ways. That’s the whole idea. If you’ve got several accounts, budgeting makes just more sense when it can give you the whole picture.


Money Dashboard connects to :r: but only to my GBP account.

Absolutely. I was thinking inside the :r: bubble only.

Because, for example, the Analytics are completely useless if you Split Bills with other people, since it’s not taken into account in the statistics. Also, if you move the money to a Savings Account, it’s counted as an expense.

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YNAB can be linked to Revolut with “Sync for YNAB”