Budgeting and Analytics

What also seems to be missing are transfers to stock accounts. That would be useful otherwise all transactions towards stocks are missing from the budget section.


On Android, on the Beta app, I can now set categories for Joint account transactions. That’s great. I can create custom categories as well, that’s great. Great step forward. I’m a paid member.

On the down side those categories aren’t reflected on my partner’s account just yet. Maybe because she isn’t using the beta version. Maybe because she isn’t a paid member. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

I’d like the categories to be reflected across accounts.

Great work!!


This won’t matter if you’re a paid user or not.

Some additional functions are available on the beta version, as shown in your post you can create additional categories for joint accounts.


I am a beta tester (Android 10.22-beta-2418 ), but unlike @Sotti I can’t see nor use custom categories in joint account - anybody any ideas why?

In beta, can one mark multiple transactions with a category (ideally custom ones too) all at once?

Still really keen to have budgets for annual (and/or custom) periods!!!


I’ve updated my partner’s app to the beta version (Android) and I can confirm categories are synced apart from custom ones. This might be a WIP or a bug, custom categories are shared (she can see all categories I’ve created) and the transactions have the right category but there is a some issues around reflecting this on the charts.


I will look to test this syncing issue when my partner and I look at analytics in joint account this weekend.

I found custom categories (eventually), not sure which screen it was in, via adjust for analytics button or just on screen after clicking on current category, but until new categories added, there is not a section for it, but a + add custom category button, may have just overlooked it earlier. Custom categories in joint are not the same as personal/main, though pro custom categories are the same as personal/main.

Overall aim is to have proper visibility on spend (and income) to then set proper annual budget.

It would be great to have the ability to group categories into fixed, variable and discretionary. I guess I’ll just need to do that via the single hierarchy categories, perhaps prefixing each category with something like Discretionary_

I had wanted to pay child allowances from joint, but this is not possible. As a work around I may set regular transfer from joint to personal with same amount as used for child allowances… So as it shows in joints analytics.


Hello everyone :wave: ,

While some of you may have already noticed this, we would like to officially announce that we have implemented your feedback. You now have the option to change expense categories in the analytical section of your Joint Account. To take advantage of this feature, please ensure that you have the latest version of the app installed. :hugs:

SG | Community Team


That makes alot of sense, i definitely agree

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Cant express how much i agree with this💯

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Really like this idea :100:

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Welcome to our community @iicemusic :wave: . Thank you for sharing your POV with us. :r:

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Definitely sounds like a good idea i’d like to see that feature implemented because revolut has become my primary bank and tracking my expenses has become so life changing .


I would like to request a minor feature to improve Budgeting. To give some context, I have around 50 flexible accounts / pockets to properly budget and plan ahead for the next few months.

Each month I adjust all planned transfers to flexible account to allocate my income across flexible accounts.

In order to plan budgets down to a single Euro the “upcoming payments” view is incredibly useful.

I just have one minor issue. If you have scheduled transfers that start e.g. two month in the future, they still show up in the “upcoming payments” view.

Which makes it really difficult to properly plan ahead as I don’t know how much money is about to be spent the next month only (i.e. taken from the next paycheck).

To illustrate, let’s say I have a budget of 3k € for each month. I need to be able to see the sum of all transfers for the upcoming month only.

I suggest that you add a start and end date to the “upcoming payments” this makes it easy to properly plan each months salary ahead, regardless of how long into the future you plan.

At the moment it seems it just takes the next 100 transactions or 50 days, idk what the rule is, but it needs improvement.

As long as I only have transactions that start next month, everything is working fine and I can perfectly plan ahead for the next month. But as soon as I plan transactions 2+ months ahead it becomes unusable.

See these screenshots. Suppose I have a budget of 3300€. I need to be able to adjust all transactions of the next month so they amount to exactly 3.3k. This is difficult with both, transactions of May 24th and June 24th showing up.

Hope this is understandable :slight_smile:


Understandable but it sounds like you have a rather overly complex non standard way of budgeting outside of month to month.


I don’t use envelope budgeting. But I do use software tools to avoid surprises and to manage upcoming payments over a small number of private and business accounts. My current favorite is “Outgoings” for iOS.

I use its list feature to see which payments are coming up on wich account this week, next week, this month and next month. And I use its tags to understand where the money goes. Similar to envelope budgeting but it doesn’t reflect actual accounts or pockets or whatever. I am not putting money aside. It’s just informative. It does not include everyday spending.

More than that is just too much work for me. I am lazy. If I would be really into that kind of stuff (and not just occasionally) or if I would have to figure out a more complicated financial situation with various mortgages/debt, I probably would use YNAB.


Hi, i have noted that expenses in categories not included in budget aee not shown at all under budget section so if i check my expenses from budget section i have no evidence of expenses if they are not under a category that i have previous selected for my budget. It can be useful have a voew of “other categories” weight


Look who’s back! Thanks for reaching out with your feedback @dpct. We’re constantly working on improving our products and services. Keep an eye out for upcoming updates! :hugs:

SG | Community Team