Budget Categorization of Pockets separately

It seems a bug. I have 5 different Pockets. When I try to change budget category of the transfers to Pockets, I see the options of changing the category of “this particular transaction” and “all transactions from this merchant”. When I select “all transactions from this merchant”, I see that all 5 pockets categories get changed instead of setting separate budget category for each pocket. May be Revolut didn’t think it from this angle.


I have similar issue.
At this moment i don’t see some of the payment done by pocket feature in the analytics… It affect also past payment… Whereas some other payment manage by pocket is shown in the analytics…
I really don’t understand this behavior…
All the payment that i have managed by pocket have a spent category so why only few of them is show in the analytics and the other not?


I reported this issue through the in-app chat and “submit feedback” tool a couple months ago… IN fact, I have reported it multiple times as I keep finding new ways in which this issue manifests. I can’t believe it’s still not fixed. Analytics is not capturing the transactions, which means Budgeting thinks you’ve got more money left to spend than you actually do… it’s a mess.

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