Broken Revolut camera app

I tried reporting this to support, but they were absolutely horrible to deal with. They kept giving me an irrelevant link to the part of the Revolut app I was having problems with. Horrible customer experience. Anyhow …

I was prompted to verify my identity. There were three problems with this process:

  1. I had already done this previously, so doing it again seems redundant.
  2. The camera part of the Revolut app provides no control over the flash or exposure. This was preventing me from taking acceptable pictures of my identity documents. They’re super shiny and reflective, so any over exposure or flash was ruining the images. I could take pictures just fine from the standard camera app on my phone. This was a unique problem to the Revolut camera app.
  3. A day later I travelled to another location where I had better control over the lighting. This allowed me to take acceptable photos in the Revolut app, but once I had taken ones of the front and back of my identity document, it just sat there and did nothing and later told me the verification step failed and asked me to try again. So I did. This time it also asked for a picture of myself and then it said it was verifying my identity. It rejected it, but with no explanation of why. So I did the process again, and it didn’t work.

Then I somewhat lost my shit at chat support (they were clearly not reading what I actually wrote), then a few minutes later I was told in chat that my identity was verified. It’s unclear if me losing my shit at them helped (I would assume not?) or if it was just coincidence.

I’m too lazy to change banks. But this experience certainly makes me not want to recommend Revolut to others.

Sorry if this turned into a bit of a bitch fest. The chat support has been really ticking me off over this :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes going nuts with banks support is useful.

I’ve done (with profit!) with ING support when they didn’t want to authorize my Revolut top ups by card… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m having the same problem, but my camera won’t actually work, it’s either a software or an hardware issue. But I know all my credit card details, however I can’t log in the app which makes my “smart account” useless, like what’s the point of asking me all the other details and passwords if you guys are going to ask me for a picture, it doesn’t seem right…