British Airways


BA for the first time in their history have started to charge for drinks and snacks on shorthaul flights. beginning yesterday 11 January 2017. They don’t accept cash only cards. Incidentally it has been a disaster so far. Tonight I wanted to buy a sandwich and gave my Revolut card, the BA guy instantly rejected it and said their system did not work with any prepaid card. I gave him my regular debit card instead and out of curiosity asked how he identified Revolut as a prepaid card and he said “because I have one”! We had a good conversation about Revolut I guess someone travelling for an airline really needs multiple good exchange rates


I agree, the difference between debit and prepaid cards is cumbersome sometimes. From a customer’s perspective, it does not make much of a difference if a debit card is connected to an account without any overdraft allowance or if it is a prepaid card.


THANKS FOR SHARING ! I noticed that a lot of the flight personell is familiar with Revolut but unfortunately it cannot be used for in-flight transactions.