Bring back the blue top Ui!


I’m really disappointed by the new shorter/white Ui, the app just lost a big chunk of its character.

I see why you made the action icons bigger and more obvious, as they were quite small and sometimes hard to find, especially for those not familiar with the app… BUT why get rid of the nice contrast effect? Also I’m not sure what happened with the spacing on the dedicated, content area in the top. It looks definitely too squashed where once there was a nice spaced area.

I’m sorry to give a negative feedback on this, but I often found myself just opening the app to check the accounts and enjoy the amazing Ui. What a great experience.

Have you thought about giving a light/dark contrast option in the settings?

A designer and user who loved your app.


I don’t really care much how something looks as long as “it works” usually, but looking at the new UI for a day now, I can’t say that it grew on me.

My biggest issue is indeed the total lack of contrast, which is - “in contrast” :slight_smile: to how Revolut advertised the new UI, very bad for my eyes, and absolutely not appealing.

Also I’m not conviced that the new UI works better from an ergonomic standpoint, switching currencies is really annoying now with the very small area you have to swipe.

Hence, I give a “+1” here. I don’t really like it, at all.


I agree — I use both EUR and GBP and now I can no longer see how much I have at a glance :frowning: Also, the wiggly animation is annoying!


I don’t like it either. I’d like to suggest to create an option to switch between interfaces (the old one and the new one, why not to an other design too?)

But I’d love the old interface. Also I noticed that with the new one, there is a lag in my phone (Mi Max 2)


Not too sure about that.


I completely agree.

The sea of white is distracting. The graph unnecessary and annoying. I cannot easily see all my balances in a single glance. And the loss of the cool blue is frankly…almost negligent :frowning:

The previous UI was iconic. One that made me want to use Revolut. The new one may look clever and slick, but simply doesn’t have the brilliant functionality of the original.


Don’t quite agree there.

The loss of seeing all your wallet balances at a glance is quite a loss. As is the restriction of now seeing only a couple of your transactions per screen due to that pesky graph.

And you now have extra clicks to access account and rates details.


The way users feel about a product makes a big deal, wether is the functionality that ruins their experience or simply the appearance which let them feel uncomfortable with it.

If a decent amount of the users complain about that, than it is definitely the case to look into it. Because the “people will get used to it in the end” I’m sorry but doesn’t really work. Especially for a product that you have to use every day.

Someone said that the way the old interface looked like was the reason for he started using the app and the service, shows exactly my point and I totally share the feeling.


Came here to say the ssme thing!
I am a big fan of the blue UI as it was easy to get around it and I loved the design.

The new one is actually giving me a headache and is not really helping when you have a crap eyesight ! Also it’s confusing to switch between currencies as I always end up going through the graph.

I have to give 0 stars and it’s the first time I’m really disappointed with you.

Also is there always way to downgrade the app to get the old UI back?


Horrible interface, please revert back or give us the option to switch.


You take good decision


The new style with the ridiculous cartoon graph and loss of convenient function is a good example of fixing something that was not broken. We don’t need gimmicky graphics in place of usability.


Hear, hear!!! :crazy_face:


Totally, absolutely agree.


I wrote this reply below over two and half months ago when I first joined on the day this conversation was created… finally now my account has been approved!

I hadn’t noticed it until I updated after seeing your post, I see what you mean. From a design perspective, this is a major backward step, far less aesthetic. This will have to lead to a downgrade in my app review rating.

Of course what matters most is that it works, but the experience of how it feels to use it important too. The default design for a spreadsheet is black and white, I think Revolut should look better than a spreadsheet designed by a committee!

It kind puts me off recommending Revolut and going back to using my Loot card for regular expenses.