Bring back new user commission,


Now that most of us have found Revolut so good for travelling,

If you’re anything like me when you see queues at the bureau de change’s you feel like you want to say to some of these people that there is a way better way now. and not to waste their precious time getting a worse exchange rate.

If we could have access to flyers with a space for an affiliate code to pass on the love and maybe get a small finders fee :wink:

I understand that this isn’t for everyone but for some of us it would be fab



I totaly agree! Let’s start a big revolut(ion) :wink:


I agree. I’m constantly recommending Revolut, but I often don’t bother giving my referral code because there’s no point any more. I can see why the £5 referral fee might have been unsustainable, but even a £1 referral fee would be better than nothing.


When I was changing cash from Euro to GBP after my trip, I felt like saying to the person behind me who wanted Euros, “I can give you a better rate” lol A pop up currency booth, now theres an idea :wink:



We don’t currently offer referral promotions, but we’ll take it on board :r: