Brexit ...

Just a simple question

What is the future of revolut with the brexit ?

You will have an office in EUR zone ?

Thx for your app

PS: Add CHF to top up ! :wink:

Hello @deromemont,

Nothing to worry about, we’ll still providing our services as usual :slight_smile: There will be no changes to services following Brexit!


Well as there are no agreements done yet between the EU and UK … that is a bold statement.

Brexit will most likely result in the UK leaving the European Economic Area since it has indicated it wants a hard breakup with the EU. Revolut can only issue cards within the European Economic Area so I expect that UK users will have their cards terminated, similarly to Swiss users who had their cards terminated.

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That depends whether :r: can set that up to keep all of their cards for the customers

They’ll set up an EU/EEA subsidiary and transfer all the non-UK accounts there. The problem isn’t Brexit per se but whether Revolut is still around in 2 years’ time when it happens. I wouldn’t bet on it.

And does this mean that the R’s debit card’s BIN will change for non-UK but EU customers? (by reissuing physical and virtual cards)