Brexit precautions - uploading a new ID in case a driving licence was provided



With the new Brexit precautions taken by Revolut, users that uploaded a driving licence are being prompted to to re-upload a new ID, as driving licences will no longer be considered as a valid ID (source).

  1. I believe that users should be able to have their driving licence data erased (after uploading the new ID), or

  2. In the case that users have uploaded a new ID and a no-deal Brexit doesn’t happen (i.e. the new ID won’t be used), then I believe that users should be able to have their new ID data erased.

For the first case, I was told by customer support that the data cannot be erased while a user is using Revolut. As far as I understood, it would only be possible to erase the driving licence data by deleting your account and creating a new one in order for the said data not to be stored anymore (i.e. your driving licence data would be erased (but after 6 years)).

Since either the old (driving licence) or new ID won’t be needed anymore (meaning that there’s no need for both as they can both be used for the same purpose), it just seems unecessary to me for both to be held. Moreover, by GDPR, people can “request that personal data be erased when it’s no longer needed” (source).

Please do let me know if the (no-longer-used (in my eyes)) ID is actually necessary and whether there are any other regulations that apply in this case (I am aware of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing regulations and the 6-year hold, as I mentioned above).

Thanks for your time spent to read this :blush:



How this would help or improve your daily life?



I would assume that it will give her the peace of mind that her personal data is not held unnecessarily and that her privacy is protected.

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But they still have the same data on another form :slight_smile:

So. Same privacy

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We are in the 1984… One or two document ID, who cares? I trust in them more than Facebook…

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I am really surprised with some of your replies. Are you not concerned about your own data and what it’s being used for? We are going back to the reasons of why GDPR laws came to be.

The two documents do not contain the exact same data.

Keyword here being more. I don’t want to give any organization the opportunity to use more than my necessary data in any way.

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Good german word: Datensparsamkeit

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Why people become so scared of everything?
They have your driving license, so what? You give your money to them!



When setting up my account I used my passport, in Jan 2019 I was asked to upload a selfie of me with my passport. When I queried why I’m now being asked to upload again I was told because the process previously was done manually on the back end by an agent. This appears not because of brexit or driving license ID but system issues despite how it’s being spun. I’m concerned.



Now that driving license doesn’t recognized and a verified user hasn’t passport or his national id card isn’t with latin characters what he must do?



What letters? Greek?
What’s your location?



All IDs have a MRZ with latin characters. :slight_smile:
That’s all they need



I am from Greece, my passport is expired and my ID is in Greek, have you any idea?
Also, I am trying to upload the ID and the loading is never ending. It shows the wheel spinning forever.



Yes i have an old id with Greek letters.If i go for passport i must pay 82 euros for something i don’t need. Probably i should go for a new id but then i must change all my papers with the new id number.



Get a passport. Usually is valid for 10 years and very useful.
You can then travel cheap to Lebanon, Georgia, Turkey, etc :stuck_out_tongue:



Maybe start a chat and type ‘live agent’. Write down the story before typing it. Bot Rita will come to you first the live agent will tell you what to do. I guess…



Just pointing out that there was no reply to why the first ID will be kept and why it will not be erased. Why I mind unecessary data to be kept by a company is one step behind the scope my post.



You cannot just erase any data. There are rules/guidelines/laws to save that data for a certain amount of time.



Yeah I understand this, but there are also laws to erase unecessary data. And I would also understand (but not be entirely happy) if that data would at least be erased eventually - which is something that customer support told me won’t be happening.



Seen from the point of your account’s lifecycle the driving licence was the proof of identity from the start until you uploaded the ID.
Revolut can’t just delete the photo of your driving licence while your account is active.