Brazil - revolut treated as credit with huge charge


Hi - using revolut in Brazil, it’s often coming up on payment networks as a credit card. That, in many shops, means a huge surcharge - e.g. 10% at a Shell garage. It’s obviously not a credit card - and surely there must be a way to flag in Brazil that it’s a pre-paid consumer debit card? Is this something Revolut can take up with the card networks in Brazil. If not, it radically reduces the use of the card.



I have had the same problem from time to time. Revolut have told me there is nothing they can do as it’s the way the vendors software works that matters.


How about cash withdrawal?
I think it should be fine if you avoid the “Banco 24 horas”, and choose Banco do Brasil, Itaù or some other major bank.


I tested Revolut in Rio with one purchase and one cash withdrawal at Banco do Brasil.
Fantastic rates, very happy!!


I had the same problem, brazilian merchants detect Revolut as credit card. You can‘t change this. But the number of shops with surcharge was not so high.
I even tried a maestro card from N26 where clearly „debit card“ is printed on the card. The shop showd me on the machine, that it would only work as credit card. That‘s strange, but not a Revolut only problem I think.