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Spain next Sunday. Is it best to convert to euros on my app the Friday before? And do I have to purchase something in Spain (in a shop etc) before I can take cash from atm? No idea what I’m doing with this and I’m getting abit nervous

Considering you will be there during the weekend it would be advisable to exchange beforehand. As for withdrawals, you dont need to purchase anything in a shop. Just make sure withdrawals are enabled in your security settings.


(replying to this just 1h after OP posted, but my reply will probably take several days to appear, by which time others will have properly answered the question and what I’m saying will look pointless… anyway here goes…)

Yes, you want to do the conversion during the week to get the proper rate and avoid the weekend surcharge. I don’t believe you have to purchase something first before using the ATM. The only thing to be aware of is that the first time you use it you will need the PIN - after that you should be fine with contactless transactions.

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Only 17 hours, its getting faster :laughing:

True, though just as clarification, “first time” refers to the very first time you use the card, not the first time abroad.

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